• Workforce Development Board 

    South-Central Wisconsin

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The Workforce Development Board of South Central Wisconsin has been a customer of Launchpad since 2012. 

The WDBSCW is a private, nonprofit organization that serves a six-county region in Wisconsin which includes Columbia, Dane, Dodge, Jefferson, Marquette, and Sauk counties. 


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Inability to Efficiently Track Employer Engagement


The Workforce Development Board of South-Central Wisconsin did not have an efficient way to track and catalog all of their information of their employers. Being able to find innovative ways to efficiently track employer information was a priority to the WDBSCW because it was a pivotal better serve their communities. They realized a change needed to take place.


Invested in Business Services CRM 

for Efficient Employer Engagement 

By implementing Launchpad’s Business Services CRM, the WDBSCW created a single platform to track all communication and collaboration efforts. In addition, they were able to keep track of key information of all their employers. This successful integration created a collaborative working environment, and it helped avoid miscommunication and duplicated outreach efforts amongst their employers. 

The CRM also provided a comprehensive guide of placement opportunities for job seekers. By having access to this information, the WDBSCW field staff were better prepared and equipped to support job seekers in their communities.

Furthermore, the CRM has allowed the staff of WDBSCW to stay engaged during the 

COVID-19 pandemic. With everything transitioning to a virtual working environment, the staff of WDBSCW has utilized the chatter function on the CRM to stay in constant communication. By doing so, the WDBSCW has effectively engaged employers and jobs seekers despite unprecedented times.

All-Encompassing System for Data & Reporting

The Business Services product implementation helped to efficiently track service delivery metrics and management of business customer information in real-time. This self-sufficient system has allowed WDBSCW to access real-time data and reports whenever they need it, and it has given their staff more time to focus on improvements and decision making.

In addition, they were able track milestones and key statistics of all their participants and employers. Examples of key statistics that they were able to track include (Ex. how many participants graduated from high school in the past year, and how many people successfully found employment.) 

Having access to real-time data and reports has been a huge contributor to the success of WDBSCW and the continuous growth of their business services, which is expected to grow tremendously at the rate of 18% by the year 2026. 

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