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Control your data with powerful reporting & analytics for government, nonprofit and education.

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Reporting & Analytics Software

For workforce agencies frustrated with an inability to get access to real-time data on their workforce programs and performance, Launchpad offers a full-featured reporting and analytics platform.

Launchpad’s Reporting and Analytics Platform provides access to real-time data and analytics across all workforce programs including WIOA and TANF. The platform allows for easy creation of unlimited ad hoc reports in-house, without the need of programmers or consultants

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Control Your Data

Become data-driven with real-time access to all information on programs, providers, and partners. Develop metrics to track program, performance, goals, and report on Common Measures indicators. Go further by drilling down into specific records to gain granular insight where needed.

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Simplify Reporting

Easily meet reporting requirements with unlimited canned and ad hoc reports. An easy drag-and-drop interface allows you to report across all records sorted through fields and filters. Add chart and dashboard visualizations to improve the quality of your reports 

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Manage Federal, State, and Local Reporting

Eliminate redundant systems and data entry by bringing all reports for federal, state, and local funders to one single platform. Improve collaboration with funders by sharing data and enabling grant recipients to easily self-report their outcomes. 

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Visualize With Charts & Dashboards

Communicate your impact to key stakeholders through compelling charts, dashboards, and visualizations. Allow Executive Directors, Deans, and Funders access to visualizations tracking the progress of their programs through a single dashboard. Customize dashboards for individual departments, programs, teams, and staff members.

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Follow & Share Your Reports

Distribute up-to-date data on your impact by following and sharing reports on progress. Include the right individuals by automatically sharing reports with funders, stakeholders, and executives.

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Analyze & Make Smarter Decisions

Realize the untapped value of your data by applying modern business analytics to your processes. Make smarter community investments by spotting trends early, and fine tune your programs by leveraging the power of AI to gain insights and make suggestions. Improve your service delivery and referral success by linking services to specific outcomes and providing staff with suggestions for referrals and training. 

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