Los Angeles Business Source Centers

Connecting the LA Business Source Center with the Data They Needed in a Crisis

Los Angeles Business Source Centers

Connecting the LA Business Source Center with the Data They Needed in a Crisis

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The Los Angeles Business Source Center, a customer of Launchpad since 2013, has used Launchpad to track their business development programs. LABSC offers a multitude of services to residences and businesses within the City of Los Angeles — primarily geared towards the success of small business owners and entrepreneurs. LABSC leverages strategic marketing, workshops, entrepreneurial training, obtainment of capital, business plan formation, personalized consulting, and city permit support among other services to assist their community and the economic growth of the city. 

Key Products Used:

✓ Common Intake
✓ Case Management
 Business Services
✓ Grant Management

Customers of the City of Los Angeles are being significantly hit by COVID-19.

Many businesses have had to temporarily shut down, layoff, or furlough employees. LABSC needed a CRM solution that could track a diverse group of businesses, ranging from small food truck businesses to tech startups and everything in between. The need for financial support for many of these businesses was absolutely critical because several were included in the essential business category and have seen a reduction in their typical revenue and needed critical financial support. 

Launchpad Helps LABSC Assist Local Businesses.

Since Launchpad already had a development application in place for LABSC, they were able to look up businesses and view their history and quickly help them apply for grants and government loans. Additionally, the Launchpad application allowed LABSC to conduct robust data tracking in order to see how many jobs are actually being saved and the amount of financial assistance businesses were receiving. 

Furthermore, LA City Council members were able to see how direct of an impact they were able to have in the number of businesses and districts that were helped and the exact dollar amount distributed in loans. Launchpad is proud to have played a significant role in helping people who may have otherwise had not had access to assistance with their local businesses in communities such as South Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, and areas in the The San Fernando Valley. 

Ultimately, with the assistance of Launchpad, LABSC was empowered with the critical data they needed to precisely view how many jobs they were able to save, while allowing them to further their work in creating a prosperous economy and community for the City of Los Angeles. 

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