From Classroom to Career, how Higher-Education can help Build a Strong Workforce. 

The path to the American Dream used to be a four-year degree. Now that career path runs through technical education. Launchpad helps connect education to employment.

Launchpad Solution - Education and Training

From the classroom to career. Connect your campus and drive your student’s journey to success. 

Community Colleges, Career, & Technical Education

Get the best outcomes for your career and technical education program participants. Track and anticipate employer needs by interfacing with industry groups and partners, and tailor curriculum to best prepare your students to fill those needs. Monitor student performance and positive outcomes, and empower participants to succeed by tracking the job and internship opportunities they are best suited to pursue.

Follow your Student's Journey from Assessment to Alumni

Generate a 360° view of your students as they move through your program by integrating and syncing with existing campus data systems for attendance, grades, financial aid and more. Increase successful program completion rates by never losing track of student progress and identifying potential indicators for drop-outs. 

Keep your Alumni Engaged and Involved

Keep your alumni engaged and leverage the power of their success by tracking their progress following program completion. Track alumni employment and career growth for valuable outcome data, which you can relate to funders and students alike to tell stories of program success.

Drive industry and customized training

Customized training will continue to grow and be a major revenue source for community and technical colleges. With Launchpad you can track all of your employer relationships, leads, opportunities and campaigns so you can improve the workforce and while generating resources for your school. 

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