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Launchpad is a complete platform for an Economic Development organization that wants to drive startups, recruitment, retention, and business expansion in their region.

Launchpad Solution - Economic Development

Economic Development CRM for Business Recruitment, Retention, & Expansion

Increase your reach into the workforce community by tracking all your business relationships in the world’s leading CRM platform. Track projects, incentives, and opportunities to stay current of new developments and challenges. Quantify your impact by measuring access to capital and corresponding job creation. 

Drive Job Creation and Wage Gain at the Local and Regional Level

The bottom line in workforce development is successful employment. Measure the economic impact of your organization by tracking job creation, retention, and wage gains seen from program involvement. Give participants the best chance at success by tracking in-demand talent and skill requirements. 

Minimize Job Loss and Dislocations with Layoff Aversion Resources

Layoffs represent a consistent and pervasive challenge to economic development. Rapidly engage with business leaders to provide resource referrals that avert layoffs. Minimize the economic impact of large-scale layoffs from downsizing or factory closings by having resources to engage the newly unemployed at hand.

Provide a Virtual, One-Stop Small Business Center.

Working remotely, and the digital revolution are changing the way entrepreneurs and businesses access services. With Launchpad you can truly provide virtual, one-stop access to all your economic development programs. 

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