• San Francisco Human Services Agency

The San Francisco Human Services Agency 

has been a customer of Launchpad since 2016. 

The Agency runs a comprehensive Workforce Development program, which includes multiple 

services to train and assist people in getting jobs, 

as well as supportive services like childcare and counseling.

Key Products Used:            

 Case Management

 Business Services 


Multiple Inefficient Databases 


The staff of the San Francisco Human Services Agency were tracking employer and client engagement from multiple databases, excel spreadsheets, and paper forms for their programs for workforce development. The staff were forced to pass client information and documents back and forth to each other, which caused busy work and duplicated efforts amongst their employers and staff. 


Integrate Launchpad's Software for 1 User-Friendly CRM

SFHSA went from tracking engagement from multiple databases, excel spreadsheets, and paper forms to tracking information on one efficient CRM with Launchpad. In addition, they were able to eliminate the multiple client forms and have everyone use Launchpad to case manage clients in a synchronized method.


Furthermore, the business services staff at SFHSA were able to create dashboards and reports to track information that they needed, such as how many job placements, job applications, and numbers of interviews that needed to be closed. The case managers for the SFHSA also have access to personalized reports and dashboards to see how many clients have been referred and how many successfully obtained employment. The access to real time data and reports has been extremely beneficial for the SFHSA staff, and has been a major reference tool for their program operations and decision making. 

COVID-19 Response

Like many other organizations across the nation, the SFHSA were forced to move their operations and engagement to all virtual. Despite this, the staff of the SFHSA workforce development made a seamless transition because all of their data and program procedures were already stored and configured on Launchpad's software. 


Client | Online Interest Form

Before COVID-19, the staff of the SFHSA would invite clients to come in person to conduct interviews and gather information about their clients. Due to the pandemic, the staff decided that they needed to transition this process to be virtual. Through Launchpad's software, the jobseekers can connect with SFHSA through an online interest form. Once a jobseeker has submitted an interest form, SFHSA staff can contact the client and use Launchpad as an interview protocol to gather information needed to help determine next steps. This customized tool within the CRM will prevent clients from completing multiple forms and the staff from having to track and refer to all of them.


Partnership with the Office of Economic & Workforce Development

SFHSA has partnered with the Office of Economic & Workforce Development for data connection through Launchpad's software. Both organizations came to the realization that they could better support their clients if they partnered together and shared data and resources. Through Launchpad's software, both organizations will be able to refer clients to each other’s programs and job opportunities.

“ When I saw the Salesforce to Salesforce connection, I immediately saw this as an      opportunity.

   Our two agencies need to help each other to help jobseekers. We want to do that in            the most streamlined and easy way possible.”


                              -  Yunny Tai  (Administrative Manager, Welfare To Work)

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