Supportive Services Are More Critical Than Ever

24.11.20 11:39 PM By Patrick - Comment(s)

Watch the recording of Launchpad Live Episode 3 here.

As 2020 comes to a close, it is clear that this year’s events will have a lasting impact that will be felt in our communities and economies well into the future. Due to COVID-19, thousands of people lost their jobs, and are left wondering wha...

Let Geolocation Connect Job Seekers to Providers Automatically

25.10.20 07:42 PM By Timothy - Comment(s)

Our GeoLocation feature connects Job Seekers to Providers automatically based on the Job Seeker’s location. Organizations that have Job Seekers sign up for services online, can integrate Geolocation so that the Job Seeker can select which Provider to work with. Job Seekers can choose what works best...