How Launchpad Can Help - Challenges facing Businesses

22.07.21 05:16 PM By Patrick
Here are some of the major issues businesses are currently facing:
  • Small Hiring Net: Businesses find themselves unable to fill their job vacancies. The right candidates are out there, they just aren’t always easy to find.
  • Skills Gap: This gap between the skills required for the job and the candidates who are applying is a problem that crops up. This highlights the importance of looking in the right places for the right kinds of candidates.
  • Cross-Department Communication: Collaboration is vital, but may be a difficult challenge for many local regions. Poor communication and a lack of collaboration hinders positive results.. 
  • Outdated Technology: Many agencies work with too few technology options, forced to choose between a rigid off-the-shelf, non-scalable and non-customizable solution, or develop their own in-house solution which requires restrictive amounts of time and money in constant development and updates.

Siloed Systems

Siloed systems lead to poor communication and a lack of or duplication of tasks or information.

Employee Retention

High attrition rates leave businesses with empty positions and difficulty filling them.


Businesses must find a way to develop their employees as an incentive and to improve performance.

Lack of Candidates

A small hiring net leaves businesses with too few candidates or unqualified to fill their positions.

Launchpad Business Services Benefits

With Launchpad Business Services, you can tackle those problems with the following benefits:

Track Business Activities & Target Industries

Track all business activity and regional engagement, including business demographic information. Focus resources on the priority industries in your region for business and economic development. Track data on target industries and skills with NAICS and SOC codes. Import data from trusted economic development data systems to further build out your database.

Align Business Services Activities Regionally

A major challenge in public-sector business engagement is aligning services, so businesses don't get overwhelmed. With Launchpad all of your partners can see the same information, enabling you to coordinate services.

Manage Rapid Response & Layoff Aversion

It's better to be proactive than reactive. In our changing economy, it's more important than ever to proactively engage your regions employers, and provide services to minimize dislocations and layoffs. With Launchpad you can track at-risk businesses and support their workforce.

Featured Customer Story:

SOAR Kentucky is an organization dedicated to connecting businesses to bring economic growth, medical care, and improved education to Appalachia.

Using Launchpad, SOAR Kentucky could gather business information in extensive business assessments with over 60 custom fields and successfully organize & track business incentives.

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