How Launchpad Can Help - Challenges facing Case Managers

22.07.21 05:16 PM By Patrick
A recent study by the US Department of Labor identified the following challenges facing the improvement of Case Management and increasing workforce system integration. 

  • Interfacing across different databases: Often, available services vary at the state and local levels. Having separate systems that do not form a comprehensive database leads to duplication of records and slows down service delivery. Linking systems also can be costly and time-consuming.
  • Minimize customer data requests: Case Managers frequently need to collect client information multiple times to enroll in different services, which is frustrating to clients. 
  • Restricted information sharing: Clients often work with multiple case managers and service providers. A significant challenge for many is tracking and sharing that information with everyone who needs access. 
  • Tracking progress and outcomes:  Many states and local governments and agencies have their own reporting requirements and financial payment systems. Reporting is often not automated or antiquated, requiring multiple systems to measure outcomes.

Programs & Services

Maintaining in accordance with the requirements of Local, State & Federal programs can be difficult.

Difficulty Sharing Data

Sharing data among many stakeholders is crucial to demonstrate progress and results.

Maintaining Providers

Difficulty tracking and coordinating with candidates who receive services with multiple providers.

Demonstrating Progress

Difficulty visualizing and exhibiting the progress made by clients in learning new skills and becoming more hireable.

Launchpad Case Management Benefits

With Launchpad Case Management, you can tackle those problems with the following benefits:


Common Intake

Collect crucial information from your clients once for all programs and services, including personal & demographic information, barriers to employment, employment history, any skills, certifications or licenses, and their plans and goals.

Programs & Jobs Matching

Automatically matches jobs in the database to eligible client profiles based on the job skills and desired wage requirements. Track eligible programs and efficiently apply for enrollment. Location services connect clients with the closest providers & resources.

Assessments, ITAs, and Referrals

Help clients reach goals often with outside resources. Create assessments, ITAs, and contract records viewable directly from the client’s profile. Automated processes make reviews & approvals for contracts and funding a hassle-free experience.

Robust Tracking &

Track progress and monitor performance with features including profile notes, emailing and call loggings, task reminders, and activity history tracking. Report on program progress, job applications, hires, and schedule follow-up & exit meetings.

Featured Customer Story:

Partner4Work is the workforce development organization whose goal is to develop a thriving workforce in the Pittsburgh area.

Using Launchpad, Partner4Work successfully runs their Learn & Earn program, a summer youth employment program that receives more than 3,000 applications each summer and employs close to 2,000 young people through community based organizations.

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