How Launchpad Can Help - The Challenges to Accelerating Re-employment

13.07.21 08:34 PM By Patrick
A 2019 Harvard study identified the following challenges facing Workforce Development systems via interviewing workforce officials across multiple states: 

  • Data Silos: Workforce Development systems must be able to integrate with organizations like UI, VocRehab, Adult Education Programs, Disabled and Veteran Services and more with all data for all programs in one central system. 
  • Data Access for local partners: Collaboration between departments and agencies can also benefit the hiring process, as it helps to increase the pool of qualified applicants and opens up more opportunities
  • Difficulty setting Target Measures and time lag measuring their outcomes: Outdated systems do not provide a way to measure success in programs  and services or job employment once completed or hired. 
  • Differing requirements for federal, state , and local boards attempting to optimize funds: State and local officials are required to report on a variety of measures by the federal government, creating a significant burden on staff time and resources.

Siloed Systems

Siloed systems lead to poor communication, as well as a lack of or duplication of tasks or information.

Lack of Access

Outdated systems don’t allow access for local partners to both see and collaborate on cases.

Skills Shortages

In another study, 84% of Workforce Development officials stated lack of required skills for job candidates. 

Data Management

Lack of integrated and interfacing capabilities restrict visibility on eligibility criteria and Target Measures

Launchpad Workforce Development Cloud Benefits

Rapidly modernize for reemployment

Launchpad’s Workforce Development Cloud platform is a proven and rapidly deployable solution for agencies and organizations seeking to modernize.  Built natively on the world’s leading CRM platform Salesforce, Launchpad can help your organization accelerate regional re-employment by connecting job seekers to the right services, training and employment faster. 

COTS Solution for Workforce

Launchpad is designed for all workforce development organizations and can upgrade systems 75% faster and reduce costs by 50%. 

Consolidate Multiple Systems

Launchpad can capture data the appropriate data for federal, state, and local programs - you no longer need multiple systems.

Access & Control Your Data

Customize and share job seeker information with local providers or business partners.

Secure & 

Secure & Scalable

Most processes can be standardized quickly using off-the-shelf applications and then customized to meet specific users’ needs.

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