Looking ahead with Event Management

11.02.21 11:43 PM By Patrick

Click the video above for a brief demonstration of virtual workshop capabilities.

In 2021, supportive services will be critical in helping the workforce recover from the impact COVID-19 has had on the economy. Here at Launchpad, we want to highlight one of our key features that can help. 

The Event Management App is a sub-app that lives within our Case Management App. It helps track and enroll clients in welcome sessions, training events, workshops, job fairs, hiring events, and on-demand virtual events. 

Virtual Workshops

Workshops are core and enrichment seminars designed to assist Job Seekers in general career development, necessary technology skills, resume techniques, and employment connections.

With COVID-19 impacting in-person workshops, the Event Management App can also track virtual workshops. A webinar or event can be recorded and uploaded to your organization’s Community portal. Job Seekers can self-register for the virtual workshop and download any attached resources. 

When a Job Seeker finishes the video/ virtual workshop, the system will show that they have completed the workshop. Case managers will receive a notification that a Job Seeker has completed the virtual workshop. 

Hiring Events and Job Fairs

Business Service teams can use the Event Management App to coordinate with local businesses to host job fairs and hiring events. Each job fair or hiring event can be internally managed to coordinate the event day and time, location, the event milestones leading up to the event, number of event attendees, and more. 

Hiring events also can show whom from a local business will be available to conduct interviews, and how many, directly in the App. Job seekers can then apply directly for an interview from the Community portal.